There is one big difference between American ski resorts and most Alpine resorts in Europe: the traffic!
For most Americans, a skiing holiday means a trip by plane, as most American cities are far from the Rockies. Americans do not take long holidays, so they cannot spend several days driving to the Rockies.
The situation is different for people in Los Angeles and other West Coast cities. They can drive to ski resorts in just a few hours.
Nevertheless, American ski resorts encourage how to start a synthesis essay introduction jump 4 love visitors to come by plane and use buses when they arrive: lots of ski resorts offer free bus services from the nearest airports; some, like Aspen, provide free buses between the hotels and the pistes.
As a result, people do not sit for hours in their cars, moving very slowly towards the slopes, and the air is not polluted.
Conditions are not going to get worse; the quality of the environment in America’s mountains is a very important issue.

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